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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Notary Public?
    A Notary is a government-approved official responsible for observing the signing of documents, administering oaths, and performing various other duties. Their services are typically sought when a document holds significance and the risk of fraud is a concern. It is important to note that while Notaries play a crucial role, they do not offer legal guidance or advice.
  • What should I bring to the signing table?
    The documents that need notarization. Valid I.D.
  • What types of I.D. are acceptable?
    Government issued Driver's License from any U.S. state, Mexico or Canada Passport U.S. Passport Foreign Passport stamped by the USCIS Two credible witnesses (for any person who does not have valid I.D.) U.S. Military I.D. Inmate I.D. Card
  • What is a Loan Signing Agent?
    A Loan Signing Agent is a specialized notary with specific expertise and training in managing loan documentation.
  • Have the Notaries of Pen and Stamped Notary Solutions gone through background screenings? Are they bonded?
    Yes. In California, all notaries are obligated to undergo a background screening conducted by the Department of Justice and the FBI. Additionally, they are required to have a bond in place.
  • What areas do you cover?
    We meet you where you are! Anywhere in Los Angeles County. In your office? Yes! In your home? Yes! On your yacht? Yes! At your favorite coffee spot? Yes! In the hospital or care facility? Yes! In your airplane hangar? Yes! On the Helipad? Yes! In your Attorney’s office? Yes! At the Beach? Yes! On the empty lot of your new construction project? Yes! At the Zoo? Yes! Hair Salon or Barber Shop? Yes & Yes! Stairwell at the Courthouse? Yes! Stadium? Yes! You get the picture….. We will meet you where you are!
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Call us at: 866-761-5216 Use our Consultation Page Email us at:
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