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Planning Your Estate

An estate plan is easily the most important set of documents any individual will ever prepare and sign, if they get that far. It is shocking to note that the vast majority of individuals have not made provisions for what will happen to themselves or their families after their incapacity or death. If you have not prepared an estate plan, rest assured; the State of California has prepared one for you. Unfortunately for your family, the State of California is the major beneficiary of an individual who dies without making other arrangements. We’d like to help you insure that the majority of your estate passes to your family rather than to California. With the help of an estate planning attorney and advisers, you can quickly and comfortably establish an estate plan for yourself and your loved ones utilizing Living Trusts, Wills, and Health Care Planning documents.

Another important purpose provided by proper estate planning is the protection of assets in case of liability for some unforeseen accident during your lifetime. A well-designed estate plan can protect you and your family from accident liability, creditors, and predators while you’re living and protect your family after your passing.

Proper estate planning requires a relationship with a qualified estate planning attorney. Unfortunately, there are many individuals, businesses, and salespeople masquerading as estate planners. The public is inundated with sales schemes that involve selling wills, living trusts, and estate planning forms without the oversight of attorneys. Proper estate planning requires professional thoroughness and an understanding of this complex and continuously changing area of law, especially State and Federal gun laws if the estate includes any firearms. Our attorneys and other advisers combine their vast knowledge with respect for the overall well-being of the client and the client’s family. The Law Collaborative aspires to the highest ethical professional behavior, lending dignity to the client, their family, and the estate planning process. We are in the business of helping people, not selling forms.

To speak with an experienced estate planning attorney about your specific needs, email us or call us toll free at (818)348-6700. Our offices are conveniently located in Woodland Hills, serving all of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles.

Article contributed by Ty Supancic, of The Law Collaborative

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